The project was presented at the MIPRO’2019 conference

The project E+Digital Accessibility Training was presented at the MIPRO’2019 Conference during the presentation of the study entitled »Comparative analysis of faculties’ websites accessibility based on an automatic evaluation«. The main objective of the study was to investigate the WCAG 2.0 compliance level of faculties’ websites in the period between 2018 and 2019. Web accessibility was assessed using an automatic evaluation tool, called the Web Accessibility Checker. Based on the results, recommendations for improving web accessibility were written and presented. The study was conducted by Katja Kous, Saša Kuhar, Maja Pušnik and Boštjan Šumak from University of Maribor. During the presentation of the study, Katja Kous also presented the project to the participants in more detail, since it is closely related to the study.

Katja Kous presenting the project at the MIPRO'2019 Conference