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We contribute to digital accessibility for all by developing training for various professionals that co-create the web.

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The project


The project aims to develop specialized digital accessibility training and accessible e-learning platform to improve the knowledge, skills, and competencies of diverse groups of key stakeholders. The training follows web accessibility standards and enables website developers, designers, managers, and others to respond to the needs of visual, auditory, physical, or cognitive disabled, as well as older persons.


The project is a direct result of current needs in the market, as current curricula in partners’ countries don’t involve the accessibility aspect in VET programmes. In this regard, the project focuses on the competencies of VET trainers, teachers, and mentors by equipping them with new tools to secure the outcomes of learning processes in VET, validating the skills of learners and making these visible to their learners.

What is digital accessibility?

Digital Accessibility is the ability of a website, mobile application or electronic document to be easily navigated and understood by a wide range of users, including those users who have temporary or permanent visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities.

Making the web accessible benefits individuals, businesses, and society.

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An Erasmus+ Project

This web page and e-learning platform are a result of an Erasmus+ project that started in 2018. The project brought together experts and educational organizations from many European countries. We contribute to better access to training and qualifications for all by making all materials accessible to all and freely downloadable from the web portal. With this in mind and by promoting and encouraging learning about accessible web and apps, the project will impact social inclusion of people with disabilities. Furthermore, we will strengthen the professional development of trainers, teachers, and others interested in the topic.

Project partners:

Institute for Advanced Communication Management

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UM

Centre for Sustainable Development "HORIZONS"

Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

Best Cybernetics

STP Consulting

Co funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

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