Wydarzenie upowszechniające w Słowenii

INUK inštitut i Univerza v Mariboru are presenting the results of the Certyfikowane Szkolenie w zakresie Dostępności Cyfrowej project at a virtual conference, which is taking place on the 10th of February, at 16:00 CET. They will be discussing the current awareness about digital accessibility in Slovenia as well as in the European Union, and the challenges of ensuring digital accessibility in practice. The participants of the training courses will also share their experiences with the learning platform and the content of the courses. As it is important to us, that the conference is accessible to all, we are organizing it on the video conferencing platform ZOOM, which provides access to users of screen readers, allows keyboard navigation, and a range of other accessibility settings.

More information and registration is available on Facebook event page: Spletna konferenca o digitalni dostopnosti