Pilot workshop “Web developer with knowledge of digital accessibility”

Members of the Institute of Informatics have in the week between 25th May and 29th May conducted a pilot workshop “Web developer with knowledge of digital accessibility”. The workshop was developed in cooperation with partners of the international project Erasmus+ Certified Digital Accessibility Training. The workshop was conducted fully online via MS Teams.

The workshop was designed in the form of a flipped learning method. The participants were given access to an accessible e-learning platform, that was built during the project, where they independently studied the necessary resources. In the online meetings, the instructors summed the theory and the participants conducted practical assignments to further consolidate understanding and deepen the knowledge about the development of accessible web solutions. MS Teams environment enabled cooperation among participants and instructors with a high level of interaction where participants were willingly sharing their work and discussing assignments’ solutions with instructors.

The workshop “Web developer with knowledge of digital accessibility” includes two modules: Introduction to digital accessibility (with the lessons: benefits of digital accessibility, different types of disabilities, legislation and standards, assistive technologies, principles of user experience, etc.) and the module Development/programming for digital accessibility. The latter was fully developed at the Institute of Informatics. This module includes several lessons: accessible web-page structure, accessible navigation and orientation, CSS for accessibility, accessible images and multimedia, development of accessible tables and forms, development of accessible web pages using modern frameworks, and the basics of accessible scripting.

Based on experiences gained in the pilot workshop as well as from valuable feedback from participants, the workshop will be improved for further conductions of the training program. At the conference (which is planned as a part of the project) the participants will receive a recognition for successfully completing the training “Web developer with knowledge of digital accessibility”.