Pilot Workshop for Digital Accessibility Managers

INUK Inštitut from Slovenia has conducted a pilot workshop for Digital Accessibility Managers from the 10th to the 19th of November. The workshop took place virtually in four sessions via Zoom.

The training for Digital Accessibility Managers was developed in cooperation with partners of the Erasmus+ project Formación Certificada en Accesibilidad Digital. The participants learned about the importance of digital accessibility in common life, society, and work. They became acquainted with the relevant standards and relations between different components of web accessibility.

Before the training, the participants were asked to study the online materials available on an accessible learning platform, which was created during the project. The aim of the platform is to ensure and encourage individual learning. Students can evaluate their knowledge by solving the quizzes available on the aforementioned platform.

The workshop included the theoretical part as well as practical exercises which helped the participants acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses regarding their knowledge about digital accessibility.

In the last session, the implementation and evaluation of digital accessibility have been discussed. The participants were asked to prepare implementation plans for existing companies in Slovenia, which proved their understanding of the topic.

The last step for the participants of the online training is submitting the final test on the learning platform. So far they have surprised us with great results and extremely positive feedback. After they complete the final test they will also receive a recognition which proves that they have successfully completed the training for Digital Accessibility Managers.