The project was presented at the CECIIS 2019 Conference

Alen Rajšp presenting the project at the CECIIS 2019 Conference

The Erasmus+ project entitled “Certified Digital Accessibility Training” was presented to a wider group of researchers attending the CECIIS 2019 conference in Varaždin, Croatia. The project was presented during the presentation of the paper “Preliminary review of jobs, skills, and competencies for implementation of Digital Accessibility”, which was conducted within activities of the project. The results of the study indicate that new professions have been created to handle Digital Accessibility in organizations, as well as existing professions, have changed by its introduction. Best practices of Digital Accessibility were presented in the local environment (Slovenia). The de-facto industry Standards for ensuring digital accessibility were presented briefly, together with the skills that are needed to ensure digital accessibility in an organization. The paper was written by Alen Rajšp, Katja Kous, Saša Kuhar, Boštjan Šumak and Andrej Šorgo from the University of Maribor. Alen Rajšp presented the paper together with identified existing training and courses to master the discipline of Digital Accessibility.